WordPress Starter

Isn’t it already the time to have you as a wordpress neighbour?

You don’t have to hold back because you are not sure what lays at the backstage! It’s overwhelming at the first moment but here we are. We put a few steps you can follow to get started.

-:|[ Dashboard ]|:-

The main interface you get  when you access your blog’s backstage.You can have a quick overlook on what’s going on in your blog: recent comments, statics,… etc.

You can adjust what window you’d like to have on and off by ticking  them in the help tab on your right  hand, nearly under the  [Log Out.]

-:|[ Appearance ]|:-

I advise you to start changing the  basic theme you get into the one you like, because each theme has its own margins which you need to consider. It also helps you think of the menus you want to build into the side bars. Having a good, clear idea of what content is going into your blog helps you decide easily which theme you’re going to pick out of the 94 themes provided in wordpress.

Two columns | Three columns | Left-sidebar | right-sidebar |… etc.

Obviously, you get to preview each theme before activating it.

Once you got your theme in place, it’s time to start choosing your widgets you want to have.

-:|[ Settings ]|:-

Under the general tab, you get to change a few settings related to the display: time, date, your blog title .. and so on.

You might as well open the [ Discussion ] tab to see if you like the default settings there, like: Moderating every comments before it is displayed  in your blog.

In my opinion, those are some of the important steps you need to get them done before you start posting. Of course you are welcome to explore the other lists there as they might serve you more than they do to me.

It goes without writing it here, if you are a wordpress beginner blogger, you can post your question in here. If you are an expert, you’re more than welcome to share your experties with us ^^.

[ Dedicated-Teacher ]


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