Inventions Around Us- 01

~:| Descreption |:~

This worksheet is a modefied version of a previous one I developed around the same tasks. The idea is to introduce the meaning of the word invention and help students guess the word instead of giving it straight away.

Task 01:

Students distinguish things that are creations of Allah – The Almighty God – and things that people make.

Task 02:

Students write the name of each picture below it. You may let your students do it by themselves or do it with them. Some words might be new to them. Just make sure they got the spelling right because they will need it in the next task. ( I included comet + fossils to recycle those words from the previous unit in UAE Parade-).

Task 03:

Just a question to raise to students and give them the chance to guess what those things might be called. If some already knew the word and gave the answer, you can just tell them to move to the next task to check their answers.

Task 04:

In each grid, students need to color/shade the letters that spell the name of the picture next to it. The letters are not necessary in order – See the answer to get a clearer idea – and each grid contains a syllable.

Task 05:

Students need to put the three syllibi together and write the word in the space given in the title.


~:| For The Record |:~

This is what the previous version looked like. I thought it needed a few touches to be more appealing. Also some letters in the grid weren’t shwoing clearly. Letters like [O] would be cut and appear like [C] which messed up the whole task   (-_-“) ..

So, if you see this worksheet somewhere else under a name which isn’t mine (Dedicated-Teacher), know for sure that they have borrowed it from me and just thought of sharing without refering it back to me (^^,).

For those who would like to have it, please click here to download it.


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