Bingo Game Template

Bingo Game Template




[ General Instructions ]

* Before starting to fill the powerpoint with your questions and answers, close the [custom animation] pannel so all the animations will disappear and give you a clear view.



01. Enter Your Topic Here:

Usually, what language focus is the game practicing. (ex, verb to be, superlative, comparative)



01. Replace the green Answer with your correct answer, and the red ones with wrong choices.


[ Notes ]

It wasn’t possible to have an easy way to maintain a mechanisim for replacing the pictures without re-animating them. Thus, this template would somehow have no pictures, unless you are ready to read the quick tutorial below.


[ Downloads ]

Mirror-01 | Mirror-02 | Mirror-03


[ How can I add pictures to the game? ]

01. Easy way:

( Pictures crossing the screen with every correct answer. )

01.1. Import your picture (Hotkeys: Alt,I,P,F – press them one after another)

01.2. place your picture at the right side of the slide. make sure it is completely outside the slide.


01.3. Enable your Custom Animation, and choose from the Add Effects list Motion Paths –Left. This animation will appear as the third animation at the very top of the list.


( Note: All the animation paths will appear – so don’t be surprise. )

01.4. Pull the path from the red arrow head and strech it till it get across the slide to the other side. Keep previewing the results till you see the picture disappear to left in the Slide Show mood.


( Don’t forget to adjust the effect features: speed, sound effect )

01.5. Now time to move the animation to its appropriate position! Assuming this picture appears with the correct answer of question 01, it should appear before the two big circles (red+green). Accordingly, its motion should be before the two circles’ motions.

Knowing that each part of each question has 5 motions: 1 for moving up, and 4 for going down. so the easy way is:

01.5.1. Click on any part of question 01. Its motion effects will be highlighted.

01.5.2. Scroll up and down till you find a highlighted motion effect with two red stars beneath it.


01.5.3. Once you locate the red stars, scroll up and look for motions of two ovals only. (They are the red and green circle we are looking for).


01.5.4. Now remember the numbers of those two ovals. Then scroll up to the very top and drag that animation and drop it above those two circles.  Change the first oval motion from [On click ] to [ After previous ].


01.6. Repeat the same process on the previous 5 steps with the other 24 questions. You can place your 25 pictures on top of each other as I did in my game.