What is the problem? – 04


[ Vocabulary ]

cut – headache – toothache – earache – fever – sprained ankle – sore throat – stomachache – broken leg – nosebleed – cold – backache – heart attack – cough.


[ Aim ]

– Recognize the different health problems around us.


[ Objective ]

– Students match pictures with their respective descriptions.


[ General Description ]

– Health problems dominoes: It is a cut and paste/glue activity were students have to cut the domino stone and glue them in the correct order to finish thier boards. There are two boards with similar vocabulary and descriptions but in a different order. Divide your students into pairs of student-A and student-B. Explain how domino is usually played. Then give out the dominoes each with his respective letter for them cut the stones. Finally hand in the boards and ask them to put the stones in order before using any glue. They can glue, once you give your approval.


[ Download ]


– Dedicated Teacher –

1 Comment

  1. benjamin said,

    November 17, 2014 at 5:24 PM

    an incredible work! keep doing it! Thank you very much!

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