[Sentnece Matching Activity Cards] My Community – 02


~:| Description |:~

This is an activity that practises the different places in a community. It consists of 12 cards; each card has a sentence on one side and half a picture on the other.

Page (1) contains detailed instructions on how to introduce the activity and assemble the different parts included. On the last two pages, there is a cover and a box that are flat and could be easily folded and assembled.

For better results, it would be good if you printed the cards and laminated them after they have been folded. For the box and its cover, using think papers could give better results. You may print the box parts on normal A4 papers and glue them afterwards on a card-stock (those used in art-craft and making gift cards) to have a stronger box.


~:| Vocabulary|:~

airport – bank – fire station – hospital – museum – movie theater – police station – post office – restaurant – school – supermarket – toy shop.


~:| Language skills |:~



~:| Interaction Pattern |:~



~:| Download |:~

Mirror-01 | Mirror-02



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