Akbar & Birbal Tales: What is Cooking?

Akbar & Birbal Tales: Birbal Caught the Thief


~:| Brief Background |:~

Akbar and Birbal Tales are famous Indian tales that talk about the Mughal king (Jalalu Eddin Mohammad Akbar) and his minister (Wazir in Arabic) Mahesh Das (Birbal)..

Birbal is a celever witty minister that can find smart answers to difficult situations. Those tales have been told in india from generation to another. Nowadays, they have been turned into cartoons for kids.


~:| Blurb/Summary |:~

A poor man took on a challenge from the king Akbar. The poor man kept his part of the promise but the king did not! Why was that? and would Birbal have a say on this?


~:| Downloads |:~

Mirror-01 | Mirror-02 | Mirror-03

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  1. Leila said,

    June 6, 2010 at 8:05 PM

    Thank you, habibti!!!

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