PPT Trick #01: Triggers

When planning my Billiard Game, I was thinking of a way to make this game more realistic:  I didn’t want the ball to just hide when I click it. I have a stick and I want it to move and hit it, and for the ball to move and miss before it disappear. Also the order was a bit of problem!! How can I predict which ball will students choose first, second and so on?

Then I came across the Triggers option which is the basic foundation of my game.

With Triggers I was able to:

01. Overcome the issue of order; it doesn’t matter which ball is hit first.

02. Have the least number of slides as possibles; instead of having four slides that cover four balls ( 3 missesa and 1 score | which would mena 15 rounds * 4 balls = 60 slides ) in each round, I have  one slide per round.


~:| What is the function of Triggers |:~

Basically, it helps you run a series of actions with one click. It is different than the effects you add to your slide content. With Triggers, you group more than one animated object (images, shapes, clip-arts….) in one single click.

In my case:

[ When you click ball 9 ]

01. The stick moves, turns a couple of degrees and hits the cue ball.

02. The cue ball moves, hit the target ball, and moves back to its starting point.

03. The target ball moves, hits the side bar, bounces back, then disappear.

04. The stick turns the same starting degrees back, and then moves to its starting point.


~:| How to add Triggers ? |:~

01. First you must have all your objects in the slide.

02. Open the [ Custom Animations ] panel.

03. Click on the object you would like to animate and choose the animation you favor.

04. Your choice will be added to your custom animation list. Open the drop down menu of that effect by clicking on the small arrow pointing down. Choose [ Effect Options… ]

05. From the window, choose [ Timing ] tab.

By default, Triggers options are hidden so click it and choose [ Start effect on click of ]. This will give you a list of all the objects in your slide to choose from.


Producing similar idea to my Billiard Club game, would take you quite a time. You slide would be full of paths and lines that sometimes are hard to work with.


I hope those tips are useful and would come handy in your future presentation/games. ^^

[ Dedicated-Teacher ]



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