Food Memory Game


[ Vocabulary ]


apple | banana | bread | butter | cake | candy | cheese | chocolate | cookie | egg | grapes | ice cream | jam | olives | onion | orange | pear | strawberries | tomato | watermelon | yogurt


lemonade | juice | milk | pop


bowl | box | cup | glass | jar


[ idea ]

01. After you cut along the edges, glue  the picture cards on a hard coloured  paper (ex. red) and the words on  a different hard coloured paper (ex. green).

This way you make the memory game easier when demonstrated, instructed and played.

It also makes it easy to generate new speaking games. (I’ll add a few other ideas)


[ Teacher’s Instruction ]

01. Get students into a circle on the floor for better view.

02. Show each card and say the name (or elicit it). Give the card to the student next to you and ask him/her to say it out loud then pass it to her neighbour.

[Go over the whole set; pictures and words. This helps weaker students to revise the vocab. before starting any new activity]

02. Put the red cards upside down on one side, and the green ones on the other.

03. Invite some students to play with you, and be the first one to start

-” Look! One red… Flip! (say the name of the card)… One green… Flip! (read the word)

I encourage you to say the action (flip/turn over) to help exposing the students to more language. You don’t have to explain what flip means.. They will get it from the action associated.

04. Give the other helpers a turn to imitate your actions. Encourage reading and saying the vocabulary out loud.



Mirror-01 | Mirror-02

[ Dedicated-Teacher ]



  1. March 19, 2010 at 7:44 AM

    love your work DT

  2. amanda said,

    January 26, 2012 at 3:39 PM

    I used this and it was great! Thank you. Also, I used the same cards with 3 more activities. Is there a place where i can share the other activities I used?

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