The Foods I Eat: Quantity – 02


.:. Interaction Pattern .:.


.:. Vocabulary .:.


Food & drinks:

lemonade – cheese – olives – bread – cake.

Amount / Containers:

glass – bowl – can – slice – piece – bottle – cup – jar.

.:. Language Skills .:.


.:. Objectives .:.

To identify the picture and choose the right sentence that represents it.

.:. Teacher’s instructions .:.

01- Copy page 1-6 as needed to cover the whole class. (page / student).
02- Revise the the vocabulary with students quickly.
03- Provide each student with a worksheet. (There are six different pages) So you can give each student a different page to eliminate copying for each other.
04- Ask them to read sentences provided for each picture and choose the one that represnts the picture.


[ Dedicated-Teacher ]

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