Rooms In The House [Speaking activtiy cards]

~:| Find your partner |:~

[ Focus ]

01. Practice asking questions about the furniture in different rooms

Is there a (furniture piece) in the (room).

ex. Is there a stove in the kitchen.

Are there(#) (furniture pieces) in the (room).

ex. Are there two chairs in the dining room.

02.  Answer with (Yes, there is) / (No, there isn’t).


[ Language skill ]

Controlled Speaking


[ Interactive Pattern ]

Whole class:

Students move freely in the class choosing the classmate they want and asking them.


[ Vocabulary ]

Sofa – toilet – sink – bed – TV – table – stove – curtains – window – chair – rug – tub – dresser

bedroom – bathroom – living room – dining room – kitchen


[ Instructions ]

01. Demonstrate to your students how the activity works:

(5 A3 copies of five cards; two must match + Have your students sitting in a circle for better view)

01.1.  Have four volunteers coming to the front of the class.

01.2.  Give each one an A3 copy; one should have your match card.

01.3.  Tell them to look at their pictures and not show their friends.

01.4.  Ask each of them what rooms they have.

01.5. Show your card to the rest of the class. Elicit the rooms and furniture you have.

01.6.  Tell them you are looking for your partner. (T. asks: Who has the same card? I can’t see their cards?)

01.7. Ask the first student one question using the target language.

01.8. Encourage your students to ask the volunteers another question from your card.


02. Tell students that they have to ask one question and answer one question before they go look for another friend.


[ How many cards are there? ]

There are 10 pages of different cards. Each page has 2 cards. This covers a class of 20 students. If you have more, please make more copies of the available cards.


[ Note ]

01/In every two matching cards the order of the pictures are different. This just to eliminate the chance for students to think that if the first two answers were yes that they found their match and need not to ask; they would peek or show their owns.


[ Dedicated-Teacher ]



Sofa– toilet – sink – table – bed – TV – stove – curtains – window – chair – rug – tub – dresser – bedroom – bathroom – living room – dining room – kitchen.

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