Dinosaurs Puzzles [Past Simple]

[ Focus ]

Practicing past tense of both regular and irregular verbs related to describing dinosaurs.


[ Objective ]

Students re-arrange the tiles of past tense on their respective present form on the board.


[ Notes ]

01. I glued the past tense squares on a foam board to give it a volume. You may laminate the papers before gluing them on the foam board to last longer.

02. On the other side of the foam tiles, I glued parts of the dinosaur’s. Make sure you would have the correct result when you flip the tiles. You can, arrange the tiles on the board where they should go, then start cutting the dinosaur’s picture gluing each square as soon as you take off the paper.

02. I laminated the board to last longer.


[ Idea  ]

* Have you tiles and board ready on the tables before your students’ arrival; (tiles’ tenses facing up).

** Till the students to put the tiles on their respective present form.

*** When one finishes, tell him/her then to flip the tiles and see what will come up!

**** Then you can ask him/her to identify the dinosaur, and whatever you’ve been teaching them.


.:| Apatasaurus Puzzle |:.

.:| Stegosaurus Puzzle |:.

.:| T.Rex Puzzle |:.

[ Dedicated-Teacher ]

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