Is there a.. (2pages) [Transfer Information/Pair work]


TV – sofa – window – clock – toilet – sink – bookcase – tub – rug – chair – table – bed – curtains – dresser – radio


~:|Teacher’s Instruction|:~

01. Have a larger version of the activity. (A3)

02. Get two volunteers to set next to each other for the activity demonstration. Give each one a card. (S.A, S.B). Tell them not to look at his/her friend’s sheet.

03. Go over the vocabulary with the whole class.

04. Ask the rest of the class if the pictures are the same.

05. Direct their attention to the first room in S.A’s sheet. Elicit from them how can S.A finish drawing his/her room to be the same as B’s room. He can’t look! (By asking).

06. Elicit the question, (Is there a …….. in the …………..). Point to the helping pictures under the room box. They need to put a tick if the furniture is in the room.

07. Then Give S.B the chance to ask and tick what there is in his room.


Two pages where included for variety.




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