Why Mini-books

During my Bachelor study on Teaching English in Schools, I came across so many theories on Language acquisition. The more I read into those various theories, the more I believe in Krashen’s theory of Comprehensible input. He has a great emphasis on providing students with comprehensible written and heard input. In the current wave of increasing the amount of English instructions used in classrooms and demanding students to speak English to improve their proficiency, Krashen’s holds into his theory and states:”Research done over the last three decades has shown that we acquire language by understanding what we hear and read. The ability to produce language is the result of language acquisition, not the cause.” (Jan,23,2009)

Since I’m one of the generations that started learning English in grade 4 and after establishing a good foundation in my first language -Arabic-, and gradually improved through watching English game shows, programmes, movies and interactive computer games -which is based on reading and writing- in the high school years and through picking up reading as hobby in college years and onwards, I find Krashen’s theories quite true. It is true that I didn’t pick up neither the British nor the American accent, I still developed a good foundation in English.

[T]he easiest and most cost-effective way to make this
happen is to develop libraries of interesting and comprehensible
English books and recordings to supplement English class. Setting up
libraries would be far more efficient than bringing in expensive
foreign teachers and setting up English camps.
” (Krashen, Jan.23.2009)

Therefore, I find mini-books as one of the solutions that teachers could use to provide inexpensive reading materials in classrooms. It might be time waitsing to wait for our libraries to be improved and filled with stories and recordings that children could borrow over the weekend. Through mini-books, teachers have great control on what to bring into classrooms. They can modify and adapt stories and avoid any vocabulary that offends their believes.



Krashen, S. (2009). A better path to English.  (Received via Email)


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