How to fold a mini-book

If you are new to mini-books, this is how you can fold one.

Step 01. Fold the paper on all the lines, then open it up.

Step 02. Fold the paper in half, then cut on the red dotted line and open it up again.

Step 03. Fold the paper lengthwise.

Step 04. Push inwards from both ends tell they meet in the middle.

Step 05. Fold the book and close it.

Adapted from:-

original explanation (c) Alenka 2008



  1. fatima ashoor said,

    June 13, 2010 at 7:27 PM

    thanks alot dedicated fatma, i wondered how to make the minibook.

    i already spent alot of my points downloading your valuable fables. can you tell me how do make the drawings? i noticed that they spiders in anasi story were done leg by leg, so u did i guess.
    u made me love teaching more when i see your great efforts in teaching.

    keep in touch.
    pleased to know you. may i ask where are u from?


    fatima ashoor

    • June 13, 2010 at 10:33 PM

      Hi Fatima,

      I’m so glad you accepted my invitation to explore my modest blog. and here are some answers to your questions:

      01. For the minibooks, you can find in the template section two ready templates for minibooks, you can use to fill in. The drawings are mostly from different sites that offers black and white pictures for coloring.

      01.1 So google the following phrase: Coloring pages.
      01.2 Or you can google the name of the particular picture you want but choose line drawing from the image obtions – usually on your left hand.

      02. You are right, Anansi was drawn completely in MS Word out of shapes.. Mostly circles and curve lines.

      Me myself was touched by Gabi’s work from ESLpritables. She was my inspiration..^^

      I’m honoured that you spent your points to catch up with my previous release of the Aesop’s fables. From now on, every contribution of mine you find there you can get them for free here..

      You can subscribe to have all my new posts right into your inbox..^^

      Finally, I’m from the UAE.

      It’s an honour to read you here,

  2. September 5, 2011 at 2:41 PM

    Nice post.I am always looking for this type of updated post, and I am happy that I finally came here!.

    Thanks & regards
    canadian universities for mba

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